Warm Springs Tribal Youth Off to the Capitol

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs TYP program works to reduce the number of at risk youth who enter the juvenile justice system. The tribe has been collaborating with a variety of youth serving agencies to implement a juvenile diversion program for first time offenders. The TYP program also focuses on encouraging academic achievement. Since the program was intitiated, there has been an 83% increase in youth who have received a passing grade in all of their classes. This year, 8 TYP youth were selected to participate in the State Capitol House of Representatives PAGE Program. Pages have been serving the House of Representatives for nearly two hundred years. Working as a team, Pages assist congressmen and women with their legislative duties, deliver correspondence and small packages within the congressional complex, answer phones, and prepare the house floor for sessions. This group of TYP youth was the first of any Native American youth in Oregon to take part in the PAGE Program. Fifteen youth submitted an application for the program, and 8 were selected to particpate. During their stay at the Capitol, the youth, along with Youth Coordinator Cyrille Mitchell, participated in Tribal Day, which was a ceremony for the nine federally recognized tribes in the state of Oregon. At the end of the ceremony the TYP youth met the Tribe’s Chief Judge Anita Jackson, Tribal Council Members Austin Greene, Bernice Mitchell, Wendell Jim, Wilson Wewa, Vice-Chairwoman Aurolyn Stywer-Pinkham, and Chief Joe Moses. To learn more about the Page Program, please visit http://pageprogram.house.gov/.

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