Training the Sellers - Osage Nation Targets Underage Drinking

The Osage Nation Tribal Youth Prevention Program sponsored three (RBSS) Responsible Beverage and Service Sales trainings at the Cultural Center during the month of June. Ernie Tye of the PaNOK Area Prevention Resource Center in Stillwater facilitated all three sessions. Ernie is a retired Police Chief and has several years of experience in dealing with underage drinking.

The Responsible Beverage Service and Sales Training provides clerks, servers, and managers with the knowledge and skills to sell and serve alcoholic beverages safely, responsibly, and legally. The goal of the training is to ensure that expectations, liabilities and legal responsibilities are communicated to all licensees and their employees. This training is part of a pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness of the RBSS curriculum. The trainings in Pawhuska sponsored by the Prevention Program were offered at no cost to licensees or employees.

Prior to the RBSS training dates, the TYP Prevention Program, along with a Pawhuska Police Officer, handed out fliers and verbally invited the establishments of Pawhuska that currently hold a liquor/beverage license to the trainings. The managers and owners were highly encouraged to attend and send their employees. Although the actual RBSS training is not mandatory, Title 37 states that every person engaged in the business of selling alcoholic beverages or low-point beer at retail shall notify each individual employed by that person as a retail sales clerk or server about the state law regarding the sales of alcoholic beverages and low-point beer (Title 37-604.

Of the nine establishments in Pawhuska that hold a liquor/beverage license, only four were represented at the RBSS trainings. In an effort to reduce underage drinking as well as ensure that these establishments are abiding by the law and not selling alcohol or low-point beer to anyone under the age of 21, the TYP Prevention Program will be assisting the Pawhuska Police Department in conducting compliance checks during the month of July.

It has also been concluded upon reviewing the pre/post surveys that the majority of those who attended the RBSS trainings in June felt that the most valuable portion of the training was learning how to identify a fake I.D. The PaNOK Area Prevention Resource Center will be providing handheld flashlights that highlight the safeguards placed in Oklahoma driver’s license’s to every person that attended the trainings. In addition, the Osage Nation TYP Prevention Program will be providing a U.S. Drivers License Reference Guide to every establishment in Osage County that holds a liquor/beverage license. These guides can aide anyone who might not be familiar with a drivers license from a state other than Oklahoma.

The Osage Nation TYP Prevention Program would like to send out a special “THANK YOU!” to Mr. Ernie Tye for all of his help.

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